Fuel control

Measurement with accuracy over 99%
Real consumption norms
95% digitization of information
Control of loaded fuel
Connection to GSM
Connection to fuel trucks

Fuel Control

AG Engineering is the sole specialized company in the Balkans that automates the entire process of fuel consumption, refilling, and availability in tanks. The company has its own production of GPS modules, components, capacitive probes, and our strongest asset - an electronic membrane flow meter. Our electronic membrane flow meter is patented and manufactured by the company in its own laboratories in Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia. The measurement accuracy is 99% and is guaranteed by a European certificate of accuracy. Through mobile connectivity, the company manages to integrate with government-owned gas stations and mobile tanks, as well as import loading files from gas stations. Only we successfully close the entire cycle regarding fuel reporting, actual machine operation, and provide a real overview of their sealing.


The electronic membrane flow meter allows the monitoring of the following parameters:

  • Fuel Consumption: Instantaneous fuel consumption, liters per 100 km, dynamic fuel consumption.
  • Unauthorized deviation of fuel from the fuel system of vehicles and/or stationary units.
  • Dynamic fuel consumption is a new method for tracking the operation of the machine under various working modes and loads.
electronic membrane folwmeter
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