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Easy and multifunctional, our web-based software offers both standard monitoring solutions and complete analytical reports.

Designed to solve our clients' problems, our software quickly becomes an indispensable assistant to them.

Universal GPS software is the best solution for the construction, agriculture, and transportation sector.

Real-time monitoring with our free mobile app

The system allows tracking the most important parameter values in real-time: location and coordinates, engine status, battery voltage, speed, temperature, and fuel consumption.


Report generator

Functionality that allows every user to create personalized reports and reports with the necessary information. This module enables the creation of individual report templates to facilitate daily work with the system.

Fuel Analysis

Our system can help you save money, reduce your business expenses, prevent misuse of your vehicles, and control the fuel level in the tank. With fuel reports, you can quickly and easily see:

  • Fuel consumed per day, month, or period
  • Average hourly consumption
  • Dynamic fuel consumption
  • Determination of different operating modes: Duration, fuel consumption, idle fuel consumption, operation under load, and operational overload.

Dynamic fuel consumption report

The fuel consumption analysis is a unique tool designed to assist everyone in the construction industry. This report provides information on fuel usage across various operational modes of stationary machinery. Furthermore, you can calculate the actual performance of each machine and its load mode throughout the day. Now, you can monitor and utilize the full capacity of each machine!

Unload course count report

Through our specialized list, you can automatically tally the loading and unloading of freight trucks or other specialized equipment. The automated algorithm provides real-time data in the form of fuel consumption, time, and kilometers, offering the freedom to observe, plan, and control the specific process.

Integration with: Project 44, LKW WALTER, SHIPPEO, DHL

Reference for itinerary, stops and site visits

Travel reports can be prepared for a day, a month or a certain period of time. They provide tabular information on:

  • Duration of movement
  • Route
  • Urban and extra-urban distance covered
  • Duration of stays
  • Exact address of stay
  • Daily fuel consumption
  • Average consumption per 100 km
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