Automatic toll reporting in Bulgaria and Europe

Corporate solution
Centralized administration
Financial information
No additional devices required
Real-time information
Prepaid balance
Management of the number of axles

IG Engineering Ltd. provides an opportunity for automatic transmission of toll data in Bulgaria and Europe.

Toll reporting in Bulgaria via GPS tracker GPS тракер

One of our main long-term partners is DIGITOLL SMART INFRASTRUCTURE – a declared provider of data for automatic toll collection and payment in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

ig gps - digi toll

The software solution of IG ENGINEERING is integrated with the toll collection system of DIGITOLL SMART INFRASTRUCTURE and consists of several main modules:

  • Customer module – management of vehicle data, reports, analyses, and finances.
  • Monitoring of customer balance
  • Automatic notifications
  • Tracking the signal of the GPS device
  • Change of the number of axles
  • Web version and mobile application
Toll reporting in Hungary via GPS tracker.
IG Engineering Ltd. is an exclusive partner of iData Telematics and HU-GO and provides automatic transmission of toll data in the territory of the Republic of Hungary through the GPS device you use for managing and controlling your fleet.
avtomatichno podavane i otchitane kum tol sistemaTA
Toll reporting in Europe
IG Engineering Ltd. offers its clients the opportunity to transmit and automatically record toll data across Europe. Currently, we provide a solution for toll data collection in the following countries: Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, France, Poland, and Switzerland
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