Tachograph Data

Automatic downloading of tachograph data
Without on-site visit
Driver data
Ddd. file format
Using only one company card for the entire fleet
Vehicle data

Automatically downloaded information

Downloading driver card

Our specialized devices automatically download data from the driver's card every day. You receive a complete archive for each driver, ensuring that you do not miss the mandated 28-day download period by law.

Downloading data from the tachograph

We offer monthly downloads of the full data package from the tachograph, as required by law, instead of quarterly downloads.

Downloading for past periods

Every customer has the option to receive tachograph data for past periods upon request to the consulting department.

How remote download works

As you know, each tachograph is locked and data can be downloaded from it only through the company card that locked it. In order to start the remote download of information from your trucks, we install a program on your computer. This program makes a remote encrypted connection between the "Carrier Card" and the tachographs, giving authorization to start the download. All downloaded data from tachographs and driver cards go directly to your profile.

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