A New Dimension of Video Telematics: Improving Productivity and Fleet Visibility

Stay connected to your fleet with real-time vehicle tracking and video telematics.

Video Telematics for Operational Efficiency

A video that shows you everything tells you nothing if you cannot act on the information. At idrive, we believe ‘big data’ is small until it’s transformed into actionable intelligence. Our video telematics data-driven platform weeds through raw data, giving you the reports and insights that drive your business forward.

Live GPS

Live fleet tracking and monitoring with real-time GPS and video telematics gives you a 360 overview of your fleet.

Live Video

See what drivers are doing with idrive's Live Look-In feature that provides both in-cab and road facing footage.

Maximum Uptime

4G LTE ensures strong connectivity in remote areas.

Open API Infrastructure

Partner with idrive to create a holistic fleet management ecosystem by integrating idrive telematics with 3rd party equipment.

A Birds Eye View with Detailed Insight

Live Tracking

idrive’s live GPS Tracking enables management to make decisions faster and utilize fewer resources with our real-time visibility of vehicles, drivers and locations.

  • Search and track each of your vehicles
  • Instantly view signal status, distance traveled, idle and journey time, current speed and vehicle ID
  • Schedule pickups and deliveries for the nearest driver

Live Look-In

See your driver on-demand by requesting 5-seconds of video telematics with the click of a button. Live Look-In adds another dimension of monitoring to your fleet acting as a deterrent to risky driving behavior.

  • Request live video from your mobile device or iris platform
  • Live Look-In events feature audio and video 

GeoFence & GeoExclude

GeoFence – Set boundaries around a route and receive alerts when a driver leaves their route. Know that your drivers are where they are supposed to be.

GeoExclude – Turn camera recording off in areas such as military locations and private property where video recording is not allowed.  

  • Establish landmarks and Geo-Fence areas to monitor driver entry and exit
  • Establish Geo-Exclude ‘no record zones’ where recording is not permitted
  • Receive instant alerts for unauthorized vehicle usage outside of set parameters

Create Alerts Across Your Entire Fleet

Whether you want to get notified when drivers enter a location or leave, you can create alerts in just a few clicks for both individual drivers and multiple vehicles all at once. Simply drag and drop the shape creator to specify the location.

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