Specializes GPS system

monitoring, control and optimization

Easy and multi functional, our web-based software offers both standard monitoring solutions and advanced analytics reports.
Developed to solve our clients problems, they are slowly becoming their indispensable assistant.

Универсален GPS софтуер е най-доброто решение за строителството, селското стопанство и транспортния сектор.

Professional construction reports

Dynamic fuel consumption report

Dynamic fuel consumption is a unique tool to help anyone in the construction industry.
This report gives you the fuel consumption for different operating mode of static working machines.
What’s more, you can calculate the real work of each machine and the load mode throughout the day.
Now you can monitor and use the full capacity of each yours machines !!!

Fuel analysis

Our system can help you to save money, to reduce the expenses of your business, to prevent abuse of your cars and to control the fuel level in the tank. With fuel reports, you can quickly and easily see:
  • Fuel spent for a day,month,period of time
  • Average fuel consumption for a route or a period
  • Average consumption per hour
  • Dynamic fuel consumption
  • Determination of the various working modes: Duration, fuel consumption, fuel consumption in idling, working under load and working overload.

Report - counting of unloading trucks courses

Through our specialist list, you can automatically count the loading and unloading of trucks cargo or other specialized unloading equipment.
Automated logic ensures you security and real census data combined with fuel consumption measurement gives you the freedom to plan and control this specific process.

Real time surveillance​

The system allows to track the most important parameters values in real time.

Position and coordinates, Engine state, Battery voltage, Speed, Temperature, Fuel rate. Free mobil app support !!!


Road list reports, stops and P.O.I visits

Road reports can be made for a day, month, or given time. They provide tabular information on:
  • Duration of movement
  • Route
  • Distance traveled between urban and extra-urban
  • Duration of the stays
  • Exact address of stay
  • Daily fuel consumption
  • Average consumption of 100 km

Refueling and drain fuel report

From our system and after installing special level sensors, you can easily monitor all refueling and drains that occur in the machine’s fuel tank.
The accuracy of our fuel level sensor is 97%. Any drop or increase in tank level at a preset range of you is sent as an alarm to our system.
The level control in the tank coupled with our diesel fuel metering meter turns into the perfect system for tracking and reporting your fleet’s fuel consumption.

Еven more specialized reports for you

You can get to know a small part of our many suggestions for your business


Tachograph - auto data download and reports

Own encrypted DDD tachograph server. Reports for tachograph data analysis. Real-time alarms for violations.

IG Tacho Control

Automatic download of the tachograph and driver card data.
Real-time data analysis software
Alarms – Over Speed, Over Driving, Incomplete Rest, e.t.c.

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