Tachograph data downloading

fast, easy, automatic

  • Stop slow manual download of tachograph data.
  • Stop sending your download devices across Europe.
  • Work with only one company card for the entire fleet.

Аutomatically downloaded information

Driver card download

Our specialized devices can download the Driver card data automatically every day. You receive a full archive of the driver card, which reduces the possibility of missing the 28-day period required by law.

Tachograph data download

We offer downloading data from the tachograph itself on a monthly basis without additional expenses.

Past periods download

We can download tachograph data from passed periods.

Как работи дистанционното сваляне

You may know that all tachographs are locked and in order to be able to download data from them, each company puts its own company card. In order to be able to remotely download a driver card or speed information from your tachographs, we install a program on your local computer. That program creates a remote connection to your tachographs and gives authorization which allows you to download your data in a seamlessly and secured way.

Supported tachographs

Имаме съвместимост с двамата най-големи производителе VDO Siemens (от версия 1.3а нагоре) и Stoneridge – SE 5000(от версия 7.1 нагоре).

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