Vehicles and truck can bus data

Тhe most important parameters from your on-board unit

  • Fuel consumption
  • Fuel level
  • Engine temperature
  • Revolutions
  • Mileage
  • Driver card

What is a CAN?

Simply said, this is Controller Area Network, in which all electronic control units (ECU) are communicate each other.
All vehicle has a separate control unit, which is responsible for different specific activities (engine, lights, brakes, etc.).
When you connect to this network of controllers you can read all the information you need.

Why should we use CAN BUS?

With onboard computer information, you can visualize in our program the different electronic modules of the vehicle and their current status. This gives you a better insight into the condition and operation of the machine. By observing the vehicle’s technical information in real time, it is possible to detect a defect at an early stage and thus prevent future expensive and expensive repairs.
But the most important benefit of the technical information is that it serves as a basis for our specialized reports witch will help you control and analyze a workflow in your company.

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 Vehicle and Truck data CAN
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 Specialized vehicles and  machines CAN data.
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Получени данни от CAN

Depending on the model and year there is a different array of information that we can capture and visualize in our program. The standard parameters we transmit are:
Fuel consumption
Fuel rate

Dashboard mileage
The fuel level in the tank
Engine temperature

To receive other parameters from CAN please make an inquiry.

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