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We develop technology that identifies and interprets human driving behavior to save lives and improve driver performance.

AI Driver Monitoring

Automated Reports and Analisis

IRIS Coud Based Fleet Managmet

AI Technology

The idrive ecosystem is comprised of four components: Reports & Analytics, Driver Monitoring Technology, Fleet Management and AI technology that work together to improve driver safety and fleet efficiency. iris, our cloud-based fleet management platform uses advanced artificial intelligence to process the data from the idrive AI cam giving you the tools to better manage your fleet.

The idrive AI Cam

A Dash Cam With a Mind of its Own

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Active Units
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Business Accounts
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Miles of Video Data

Powered by the best

HD video of driver and road

Infrared LED for low-light recording & night vision

8 core processor with embedded AI for advanced computing

OLED Display for in-cab alerts

Wired Panic Button

Smarter than the rest

Intelligent AI safety triggers and warning for real-time in-cab alerts

Distracted and Drowsy driver detection to prevent accidents

Facial Recognition automatically identifies drivers for accurate data and reports

Accident prediction detects potential accidents and sends an alert to fleet manager

Connected to everything

Built in Bluetooth 4.2 + BLE for in-cab device and vehicle integrations

Wi-Fi and 4G LTE to upload event footage to the cloud

idrive AI Cam in Action

Facial Recognition

The camera creates a database of driver templates and looks to match the face that is captured at the time of ignition with a template that has previously been logged as authorized driver by the fleet manager. A Video Event is triggered when the camera cannot match the face to any template in the system.

Safe Distance Warning

An event is recorded and uploaded into the cloud when the driver breaches the safe driving distance from the vehicle in front of them. Calibration by vehicle category and road characteristics requires only 10 minutes per vehicle.

Drowsy Driving Detection

The camera detects the eyelid aperture of the driver and determines whether the eye report ratio is within the personal mean, at an interval of 2.5 seconds. If the ratio is lower, a recording of the event is captured and in-cab alerts warn the driver.

Distracted Driving Detection

Our AI Cam’s internal computer vision detects distracted driving habits such as cellphone use, texting, eating and more. A distraction is logged when the camera detects that a driver’s facial position/movement falls outside of set parameters.

Seatbelt Detection

According to World Health Organization (WHO) wearing a seatbelt reduces the risk of death among drivers and front seat occupants by 45-50%, and the risk of death and serious injuries among rear seat occupants by 25%. Special markers installed on the seatbelt allow computer vision to determine whether a driver is wearing their seatbelt or not.

AI Cam Sees

Our AI Cam features dual driver and road facing cameras equipped with High Definition video and infrared technology enhancing our recording capability for every environment. Embedded AI technology allows our camera to see, detect and identify: drivers, eating, texting, distractions, alertness and drowsiness. Our cameras ability to see allows us to enable safety features that help to protect everyone on the road.

AI Cam Sees

Every year, drunk driving claims approximately 10,000 lives and costs approximately $194 billion. AI Cam features on-board alcohol detection that is accurate and reliable without any driver assistance. Blood alcohol concentration is measured within the moment of entering the vehicle using sensors that gauge the quantity of carbon dioxide in human breath.

AI Cam Feels

The on-board accelerometer and gyroscope understand the movements of everything, making AI Cam become one with the vehicle. Rapid acceleration and consistent braking events are reported back to our software through G-force tracking. In combination with data from a 3-axis gyroscope that monitors vertical, forward and lateral movements, our reports and analytics truly deliver the full picture of vehicle activity.

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