• WEB based
  • Online monitoring
  • Unlimited access
  • Own development
  • Ability to add additional features
  • Google Maps
  • Mobile application


The GPS software is developed and maintained entirely by IG Engineering. The  access is web-based through a user name and password.

Main features in the GPS  tracking software

  1. Real time status of the vehicle:
  • Position and coordinates
  • Engine state
  • Battery voltage
  • Speed
  • Temperature

    2.Road reports for travelled routes, outage and P.O.I visiting. The road reports can be made for a day,month or a certain period of time. They provide in tabular  information about:

  • Movement period:
  • Movement duration
  • Route of movement
  • Suburban and urban distance travelled
  • Outage duration
  • Exact outage address
  • Actual fuel spent for the day
  • Average consumption for 100km.


    3. Automatic  reporting of courses

      It reports the routes from leaving a P.O.I. to entering another. It shows all day / period courses from one object to another, with the appropriate distance,                     fuel, and course duration.


    4. Fuel analysis:

  • Fuel spent for a day,month,period of time
  • Average fuel consumption for a route or a period
  • Average consumption per hour
  • Dynamic fuel consumption
  • Determination of the various working modes: Duration, fuel consumption, fuel consumption in idling, working under load and working overload.


    5.Graphic analysis for:

  • Fuel available in the reservoir;
  • Temperature- maximum and average values, percentage
  • Speed-maximum and average values
  • Graphical proportion of speed for a selected period of time
  • Battery state


    6.Positioning according to a P.O.I.

    7.Reports on movement within and outside working hours

    8.Fleet management module - provides information on:

  • Service done
  • Vignette deadline
  • Annual Technical Inspection
  • Civil Liability Insurance
  • Vecihle Insurance
  • Oil change
  • Tire change


    9. Notification by email or system for:

  • Exceeding the permissible speed
  • Enter and exit to an object or terrain


   10.Routes optimization and preparation


   11.Ability to group different vehicles according to preferred criteria


   12.Refuel importing and comparison to the fuel spent


   13. Possibility to add reports by customer's request