The integration of contactless RFID reader into your business would provide a more complete system of control and optimization. It is not just a product that complements to our services but it is an important component for reports and (справки) that provide with of reliable and synthesized information on the basis of which you can take an important management decisions.

1. 1. On-line mode: In the Online mode an operator can view in real time the driver identification from the RFID reader.

2. Daily Road List: The Daily Road List provides a Daily Report for a vehicle or a group of vehicles that will show the time period and the name of each driver that drove the vehicle during the day. It can also be specified how to identify the stops of the vehicle either by an address, marked place or polygon.

3. Monthly Road List: The Monthly Road List provides a Monthly Report for a vehicle or a group of vehicles. If an RFID reader is available on the vehicle the report will show each day of the month which driver drove the vehicle.